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Virginia's Western Highlands Trails
Virginia’s Western Highlands Trails

Virginia’s Western Highlands Artisan Trail

Artisan Trail Wooden CraftsThe Virginia’s Western Highlands Artisan Trail offers visitors a unique opportunity to visit with artisans, venues, galleries and retailers across the region. Virginia’s Western Highlands features many historic downtowns and small settlements where lodging and dining opportunities are available. These small, historic towns and villages offer a unique glimpse into the past, many featuring restored historic architectural sites against the backdrop of the beautiful Alleghany Mountains of Western Virginia.

Throughout the region, you will find unique handmade arts and crafts and traditional farm markets as you take in the pristine surroundings or head out to explore the remains of iron mining/smelting sites, former railroad depots, and other historic footprints left behind from the railroad and iron industries of the 19th century.

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Hiking Trails

Hiking the Cascades Gorge, courtesy of the Omni HomesteadLocated in the Central Appalachians, Virginia’s Western Highlands is home to one of the healthiest, most biologically diverse forests in the world. These forests shelter cool headwater streams that deliver clean water to larger rivers, and eventually to millions of people in the East. Black bear, bobcat, brook trout, and neotropical migratory songbirds thrive here, along with rare and unusual plants. For generations, people have forged deep connections with these lands and waters, whether seeking outdoor recreation and spiritual rejuvenation, or livelihoods from forestry and agriculture.

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